‘Blood Rose’, Once Upon A Parsec, NewCon Press, August 2019.

‘Family Ties’, Songs for the Elephant Man, Mantle Lane Press, July 2019.

‘Songs of Salt’, The Society of Misfits…, Bards & Sages, February 2019.

‘779’ (reprint), Silver Pen Magazines 2017 Anthology (Best Of), January 2018.

‘Patterns’ (reprint), One Step Beyond, Tower of Chaos Press, May 2016.

‘Hide and Hunt’, Existence is Elsewhen, Elsewhen Press, March 2016.

‘Distant Fires’, Life is a Rollercoaster, Kindofahurricane Press, September 2014.

‘Too Sweet’, A Touch of Saccharine, Kindofahurricane Press, August 2014.

‘Junction 13: There and Back Again’, Writers in the Crowd, Tree House Press, 2013.

‘Heart to Heart’, If Only You Could See Yourself, Words Just Words, 2012.

‘The Homecoming’, Words Made Flesh, Tree House Press, 2010.

Magazines (online and print):

‘Not This Time’ London Journal of Fiction, 16th April 2016.

‘779’, Youth Imagination, 12thApril 2014 edition.

‘This Is It’, Sein und Werden, Spring 2014 edition.

‘I was simple in the haze of a smelly thunderbolt…’, Sein und Werden, Summer 2014 edition.

‘Patterns’, Cast of Wonders, YA Fiction Audio Magazine (episodes 84 and 85), June 2013.

 ‘The Wave’, Words with Jam, October/November 2012.

‘First Draft’, Words with Jam, April/May 2012.

Author Readings:

‘Everything To Play For’, 1st Feb 2023, Humber SFF Open Mic event, Beverley, E. Yorkshire.

‘Somewhere To Belong’, 24th July 2022, Humber SFF event, Beverley, E. Yorkshire.

‘Hide and Hunt’, Existence is Elsewhen, 26th March 2016, BSFA Eastercon, Manchester.

‘Home Rock’, Story Sessions, Arachne Press, 23rd July 2014. Venue: Café of Good Hope.

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