Second Hand Skin

This short story was inspired by a ‘What if…?’ that has rattled around in the back of my mind for years. What if the clothes you were wearing turned into your skin? What effect would that have on individuals, families, communities? Would the world become a more inclusive place given that everyone had their own unique look, their own unique biology? No more cliques, niches, bolt-holes? Or would we find a whole new way to divide and discriminate?

I took my initial draft to the Milford Speculative fiction group, whose members provided a wealth of advice. Rewrites went around my other writing groups until I finally settled on a form that I thought best suited the story. ‘Second Hand Skin’ was recently published online in The Chamber Magazine. You can read the story here.

Launching Eclectic Dreams at Eastercon – Friday 7th April 2023 at 4.30 p.m.

Worth getting your hands on this!


All you good people who are going to Eastercon should head to the launch of Eclectic Dreams, the new fundraising Milford anthology. This features some excellent stories by Tiffani Angus, Ben Jeapes, David Langford, Jacey Bedford, Val Nolan,Cherith Baldry, Nick Moulton,Victor Ocampo, Guy T Martland, Al Robertson and JW Anderson PLUS a previously unpublished story by Neil Gaiman. All the stories have been workshopped at a Milford Conference

The books have arrived and they’ll be conveyed to Eastercon on Good Friday ready for the launch at 4.30 the same day. The anthology is to raise funds so that we can continue Milford’s bursary to fund writers of colour to attend Milford free.

The special launch event price is £10, and it would be helpful if you had cash on the day.

Some of the authors will be there and you can get your copy signed.

If you’re at Eastercon…

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